Mixing together TextInput and MouseArea(s)

TextInput gets activated with pressing rather than clicking. This creates some problems on mobile devices where you would like to add swipe or press and hold behaviors over TextInput with MouseArea over it. While I was developing Mantar. I wanted to press and hold over a TextInput to toggle the done state of a task and when I click on it, I wanted to start editing the task. I also had a topmost MouseArea that controlled swipe up and down gestures to open or close the menu.

To add a topmost MouseArea and still get the mouse or touch events to the other MouseAreas you just need to set the propagateComposedEvents value to true. And then, you add another MouseArea over the TextInput and set propagateComposedEvents value to true.

TextInput {
    id: textBox
    selectByMouse: true
    clip: true

    MouseArea {
        anchors.fill: parent
        //Set the focus reason so we can activate the keyboard on mobile devices
        onClicked: textBox.forceActiveFocus(Qt.MouseFocusReason)
        propagateComposedEvents: true
        visible: !textBox.focus
        onPressAndHold: {
            if (textBox.text.length > 0) {
                done = !done;