Using cmp-buffer with null-ls

I’ve been using null-ls for a long long time now for most of my LSP needs. I use it for looking up words in a markdown file, formatting, pylint errors, and showing previews of my zettelkasten notes. null-ls has quickly made it to my list of plugins that I can’t live without along with vim-fugitive, and vim-dirvish.

I’ve written about null-ls before here and briefly talked about how I converted nvim-cmp sources so I can use it with null-ls. Now that’ve been using it for a while, I thought I’d write an update about it. I’ve been using the nvim-cmp sources for a long time now and I’m happy to say that I have not had any problems with it at all.


Completions from cmp-buffer shows up along with spell source for null-ls.

I also haven’t needed to change the code that I wrote to integrate nvim-cmp sources into null-ls ever since I wrote it the first time. It has been working well for my needs, and I don’t rely on a fancy completion plugin but just use my simple one called sekme.nvim.